Raptor Konrad

Raptor Konrad

Rock band comes from the city of Hlučín near Ostrava in the Czech Republic. The founding members are Marek Burdzik (Maro, Buňo Vox, Burďas, Buněčný), Andrej Kubelka, Libor Weiss and Vítězslav Jiřík (Viťus). The band´s name devised Marek by intended distortion of the name of the first reeve (Mayor) of Hlučín (from 1303), named Konrad Sriptor. With the birds of prey or a group of dinosaurs has the band nothing in common…

Formation 2004

The group was established in 2004, when founding members agreed to create their own production. Each member had a more or less experience with playing in different bands, Marek and Andrej from the band Vykořenění (Exterminate), Libor from the band Promile and the Vajcovod, where Viťus used to play as well while the band was established. Before that Viťus acted in formations called the Diamant, the Notabene, the Motor České Třebovice and the legendary band of Ostrava called the Hastr.

2005 - 2009

The basis for their production comes from the original musical ideas (or themes) and texts of some of Marek’s earlier songs, which were identical to Viťus´s taste. Althoug Marek and Viťus grew up in quite a different musical environment, it has appered that their musical sensibilities have many common elements (psychedelic and progressive rock) and therefore first mutual compositions could occur during the years 2005 and 2006. On the songs arranging all band members are working, although usually under Viťus leadership. In 2009 the group joined Karel Kühpast, who previously worked in bands the Ingot, the Golden Dust, the Moravius, the Vajcovod and the Lybar Band to complement the overall sound of the band with the range of six-string bass and helping with recording of the album.

2010 - 2014

The album with the title Rock Suite: The Mass for the Angel was released on november 2010. The band still performs and simultaneously works on a new repertoire, so the fans can always look for new songs… Raptor Konrad has also appeared on the website ProgArchives http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=7039 and his songs are played by internet radio ProgRockRadio in the New York City, see http://www.progrockradio.com.

2015 - 2019

The recording of the new CD was delayed (it should have been released in 2014 for the 10th anniversary of the band), but only master tracks of all instruments (whole bands), drums and both basses were recorded. The rhythm section should be processed and guitars, synthesizers and vocals recorded last.The results of rhythm processing were not satisfactory, so further work on the CD was dropped. Due to the unrealized plans the whole first CD - The Mass For The Angel - has been released for free listening, see Discography section.

2019 - now

Done! Vitus notes that not completing the second CD is a great pity, so he finished it. Fans can get it in several ways, see Discography section.